1. Show Sale Order Documents

a. Used to look up drawings/documents on sales orders for production

2. Submit Packing, Warranty, Return, QA Documents

a. Used by production for submitting photos and comments for packing of jobs, return jobs, warranty work and QA of work including warehouse activity
b. Also updates QA task on sales order
c. Also updates picking task on sales order for warehouse activities

3. Submit Customer/Non-Customer Visibile Attachments

a. Attach shop drawings and other relevant documents to sales orders in bulk

4. Submit Site Assessment

a. Site work site assessment (now being done using option 9)

5. Process Cuts

a. Used by warehouse staff to process tbar and lintel cutting, updates sales order and cut report in real time as to what has been cut

6. Fabrication QA

a. Used by fabrication supervisors to check and QA fabrication work

7. Transport QA

a. Completed by truck drivers is only a basic Q, does not include a site assessment

8. Submit Sale Storage Locations

a. Allows yard staff to allocate storage locations for jobs, is transferred to the sales order and is shown on the run sheet

9. Warranty Work and Site Assessment

a. This includes combined functions of items 2 and 4. Used for warranty work for submitting work done and photos along with a combined site assessment

10. Customer Pickup

a. Process a Customer Pickup of a Sales Order.

11. Sale Tasks

a. Shows all the additional tasks associated with a Sales Order.